My dog is a fruitaholic

Today I’ve just discovered that my pup is a fruit fanatic…

Or maybe he was just very hungry!

Well I was about to eat an apples (yes, me too decided to eat a little bit healthier…) and the little guy just came by my side and decided to steal the apple!

I thought he was going to take a small bite and give up eating it…

But Thor (he’s small, but mighty!) just ate the entire apple.

I was a bit worried with the situation.

Can dogs eat apples? I immediately asked myself.

It turns out that it’s OK.

So, it seems that when I going shopping I just have the double the amount of apples 😀

I Like Sports

I’m a fanatic about sports…

Basket, football, soccer, baseball, hockey… you name it… I like them all!

I like watching sports, but I also love doing them.

It’s a hobby… a healthy hobby!

Recently I’ve discovered that I could also earn some bucks from sports.


Well… As I am also a fanatic about statistics and like to scrape all sorts of number and data from teams I became good at guessing the most probable outcomes in each game.

I even became part of I group of… as I like to call them… sports predictors… I advise you to read: Zcode System Review.

It’s a community of experts in sports betting that help each other to achieve success. Besides that you’ll find an impressive number of tools that are simply amazing for people like me that really enjoy sports.

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5 Minute Fat Burning Kettlebell Workout

I dare you to try to keep with Zuzka in her 5 min fat burning kettlebell workout… Can you do it?

This is a brutal maintenance workouts that will wipe you out in only 5 minutes.

It’s just perfect for those days when you’re super busy for your regular training…

And there are no excuses… These 5 minutes workouts will make you strong and sexy 😉